Company introduction

Company introduction

AWS Environmental Technology Co.LTD was founded in 1999(short for AWS Environmental ),it is concentrate in water and the core technology system in the domain of environment development and water environment comprehensive treatment and related services of high-tech enterprise. Base on the service of the water plant and sewage treatment plant, draining water, industrial water supply and wastewater treatment, black smelly water, sludge disposal, solid waste and recycling of waste gas treatment for municipal government, to provide customers with advanced environment protection management solutions in water ,soil and air, to improve the traditional water treatment technology and the security of the water quality as mission and create as well-know brand.
More than 20 years has always been adhering to the integrity, achievement is outstanding, constantly change, have responsibility of the corporate philosophy, with our customers and partners to cooperate for a long time and along with efforts to make our environment more secure ,sustainable resources and the earth more beautiful.

The enterprise culture

The enterprise culture Enterprise planning: safe environment, sustainable resource, beautiful earth.
Enterprise mission: focus on customer’s requirement in environmental governance, continuing through resource optimization and technical innovation to provide competitive solutions and services.
Core values: integrity, responsible, reform, excellence.
Business philosophy: All spoke with data and fulfill our commitments.
Management philosophy: seek truth from facts, simple with appropriate, high standard.
Talent philosophy: respect and equality, best use director, conscientious and responsible, team collaboration.
1.Respect and equality : everyone is equal development opportunities and we fully trust, respect employees’ personality and value.
2.Best use director: put the right people in right position, provide and create the greatest value platform to staff.
3.Conscientious and responsible: have a high sense of responsibility for work, honest , conscientious, dedicated, innovative , outstanding.
4.Team collaboration: personal power is weak, but depends on an excellent team and along with the growth of the team toward success.

The social responsibility

All the time we are actively developing advanced water treatment technology, introduce foreign advance technology, study and master the core technology of water treatment process, science and technology to serve the society, which to promote national optimization control and water environment comprehensive to make contribution.
With the development of the enterprise, our concern is not survival but how to pursue the maximization of social value, on the one hand is to protect and create a better nature environment, another is the maximum return to our society, partners and employees, therefore, we propose “respect nature, sustainable development” philosophy of CSR and advocate enterprise should make contribution for water quality security and environmental health. Such philosophy is indispensable for corporate culture of the excellence tradition and become consistent behavior for all the staffs with highly conscientious.
Mountain, Water, Forest, Field, Lake and Grass is the community of the human fate, we joined SEE Conservation in 2013 and became SEE Conservation a member of the center of the Zhujiang; in 2016,Guangzhou enterprise environment protection industry association was set up, we are based on public welfare, and meanwhile, to promote the development of green economy, also hope that social from all walks pay attention to ecological environment protection of entrepreneurs to discovery new model of ecological protection jointly.