Our history

The expertise and experience gained over the years in the business field of AWS Environment endows itself with a special mission:
the solutions provided to customers should not only benefit the development of the enterprise, but also respect the sustainable development of human and nature.

  • 2018/Guangzhou

    Guangzhou Panyu qianfeng water purification plant sludge drying reduction project

    Guangdong municipal sludge dewatering and low-temperature drying demonstration project

  • 2018/Chaozhou

    Chaozhou fengjiang river basin water environment improvement -- the first sewage treatment plant upgrade and capacity expansion project.

    Guangdong province takes the lead in introducing one of the denitrification deep bed filter technology projects

  • 2017/Shanghai

    Shanghai jinshan petrochemical plant odor environmental protection hidden trouble treatment project.

    The first national application of ozone deodorization

    Shanghai laogang landfill ozone advanced oxidation project

    Application of advanced ozone oxidation in landfill leachate

  • 2017/Guangzhou

    Guangzhou black and odorous water treatment project

    Finance lease, operation guarantee project, integrated decentralized sewage in-situ treatment system

  • 2016/Beijing

    Beijing huaifang reclaimed water project

    Asia's largest buried sewage plant, factory water supply river landscape water